On Ukrainian Day of the Defender, Pysanka NFTs for Ukraine is dropping its first ever collection of over 200 unique, generative 3D minted NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain, designed in the style of Ukrainian pysanky (plural for pysanka). A pysanka is a traditional Ukrainian easter egg decorated using beeswax and dyes, holding many symbolic attributes and magical virtues that are significant to Ukrainian cultural heritage.

As of October 10, 2022, over 200 cultural sites have been reported as damaged or destroyed in Ukraine since the onset of the war on February 24. Proceeds from your pysanka egg purchase will provide stipends to Ukraine’s cultural workers who continue, without salaries, to protect Ukrainian cultural and art sectors from further destruction.

This effort is the result of a collaboration between Global Heritage Fund and Celemeta World who launched this collection of Pysanka NFTs to ensure Ukraine’s cultural identity is preserved.

There are 7 unique pysanky series (Vinok, Blossom, Rejoin, Malanka, Crossing, Vyshyvanka, Waltz), with additional 9 special patterns referencing the Ukrainian flag.

The Pysanka NFT Collection

We are launching a Pysanka NFT Collection with
Global Heritage Fund to support those working in
Ukraine’s cultural sector who have lost their




Pysanka is an ancient Ukranian artform of decorating eggs

The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, “to write”. Creating pysanka is an extremely complicated endeavor and they are usually created during the last week of Lent. The smoothest and best-shaped eggs are used to make pysanka. A stylus is often used to ensure and perfect the clean lines and intricate patterns on the eggs.

Celemeta has partnered with Global Heritage Fund, a California-based non-profit that transforms local communities by investing in cultural heritage to advance economic development, to launch a collection of Pysanka NFTs (traditional Ukrainian eggs). Through this NFT auction, funds raised will be used to provide salary replacements in the amount of 500€ for those working in Ukraine's cultural sector and who have lost their earnings over the course of the war in their efforts to protect Ukrainian hertiage.

Join the effort to help rebuild Ukraine

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